Introvino as expatriate talent from the large majority of the work force, our clients can take advantage of the expertise of Introvino in recruitment and HR consultancy services. Attracting and selecting the right person for the job is such a vital activity. Considering the demographics, the whole process of recruitment can be very time consuming and expensive and hence our clients can save resource by outsourcing the recruitment and HR consultancy services to us.

Teamed by proven Management Professionals Introvino is committed to helping organizations increase their productivity through better use of their human resources and manage the situation by pinpointing precisely where improvements are needed and create solutions that will strengthen the business as a whole thereby enabling the client companies to achieve real competitive advantage

We Offer services such as:

  •  Identifying the requirements and need for the role
  •  Designing job and person descriptions
  •  Applicant information pack design
  •  Candidate profiling
  •  Candidate screening
  •  Short-listing applicants
  •  Practical based selection exercise design
  •  Interviewing
  •  Benchmarking salaries
  •  Pre-employment checks & gathering references
  •  Recruitment and HR Consultancy Services

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